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Dr. Aida Karoun Rechdouni is a board-certified Anatomic and Clinical Pathologist and Cytopathologist, with additional certification in Ocular Pathology. She is a graduate of Aleppo University Faculty of Medicine where she received a merit based full-tuition scholarship.

Prior to joining the world of pathology, Dr. Rechdouni has completed residency training in Ophthalmology at Aleppo University Hospital, where she practiced for 4 years. In 1997 she was accepted to Doheny Eye Institute/USC as an Ocular pathology Fellow. After completing her fellowship at Doheny Eye Institute she decided to continue in the field of pathology and was offered a residency training position at the University of Southern California pathology residency program where she later completed a fellowship in Cytopathology.

Dr. Rechdouni joined Dianon/LabCorp in December 2005, and continues to hold a faculty position as a Cytopathologist at USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, and an academic position as an Assistant Professor of pathology at USC/ Keck School of Medicine.

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